In metaphysics

What goes around comes around’ a describes the Spiritual  Law of Karma.
By participating in an action you create a reaction as result
the law of cause and effect. Every action has an appropriate
reaction and it is you, and you alone who is solely responsible for
your actions. You create and then have to live with the outcome
irrespective of whether it is good or bad and there is always a
payment to be made for every lesson to be learned. Each and every
one of your thoughts, words or actions will set a specific effect in
motion which will come to materialize over time.
When wanting to clear karma you must focus on a commitment to
truth, love and integrity. Another path is to work through pain and
suffering or through service to others. Offering to balance out the
effects of negative karma by creating positive karma and improves
the circumstances of others will also allow you to clear and release
negative karma from the past.

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