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What is the difference between a psychic and a medium?

Have you got the gift of being psychic or maybe you a medium and just haven’t tapped into your natural talent yet?

Every person has psychic ability; some say it is our sixth sense. This can be developed by tuning into and enhancing your intuition or inner knowing. A psychic is an intuitive person who directly reads the energy of another person, place or thing, whereas a medium creates a connection between the material world and the spirit realm.

Both work with intuitive or telepathic  senses of clairvoyance (seeing), clairaudience (hearing), clairsentience (sensing), clairgustory (tasting), clairalience (smelling) and claircognizance (knowing).

A psychic reads the energy of the client, they tune into the energy field around the body known as the aura. They receive information by expanding their own energy field to blend with the client’s.  They may use palmistry, psychometry or work with tarot cards or crystal balls. Most mediums will also have a collection of symbols and an alphabet to assist them to facilitate the intuitive insights and perceptions.

The psychic or medium is highly attuned to receive messages or impressions on the plane of thought, emotion, purpose, motive and inspiration to guide the client.

Now to explain further…. a medium embraces a path of enlightened development, expanding and exploring their gift further.

This is a direct communication between one soul (our spirit) in the linear and another soul (spirit communicator) in the eternal, in other words spirit talks to spirit.

A medium will create a link or connection to the spirit world; they are then able to share information or evidence about the spirit to the client. This becomes a beautiful healing between the client and the spirit communicator. It is a truly cherished experience to connect with the crossed over loved ones, and greatly assists with the grief process and knowing the true existence of the afterlife.

There are different ways a mental medium expresses talents and specialist fields –

Spiritualist medium – they belong to the spiritualist movement and develop through spiritual churches.

Clairvoyant medium – a medium that has enhanced seeing abilities.

Psychic medium – a medium that uses all the psychic abilities.

Spirit medium – is a description of a being in communication with spirits.

There are different forms of mediumship. Mental, which I have explained, and there is also trance and physical.

Trance mediums work on the principle of trance control by allowing the spirit communicator to take control of the mind and body of the medium for the spirit communicator to speak through the medium. From varying degrees of a light overshadowing to deep trance, this is both a mental and physical experience. The conscious mind is in a rested state and the spirit communicator controls the medium through the subconscious mind therefore allowing control over the body.

The connection occurs using a combination of blending aura and the subconscious mind with the spirit communicator.

Now on to physical mediumship.  In most cases this is an extension of deep trance control, it involves the manipulation of the physical system in reproducing ectoplasm which is a misty, cloudy substance created from the energy of the medium and people in the room. The ectoplasm will allow a transfiguration of an image to appear over the face of the medium. When ectoplasm is manipulated to extend from the body in the shape of a trumpet or similar shape, this is called direct voice.

This séance is carried out in a darkened room and usually the medium is placed in a cabinet. There will be the reproduction of ectoplasm in large quantities, this can be affected by light and any exposure to bright light may create risk for the safety of the medium. Spirit communicator can also move objects in our physical world as in table tipping, levitation, tapping. When there is materialization of objects coming from the spirit realm to our world, it is called an apport.  When a medium moves an object using their mind it is called telekinesis or teleportation, rare but amazing to witness.

I hope you enjoyed a brief insight to the amazing world of psychics, mediumship and beyond….

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