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What is Spiritual Cleansing?

Why do we seek to cleanse or clean our spiritual body as it does not appear to be dirty; yet you sense you need to clear your energetic body and space around you? This is where a spiritual cleansing brings a grounding and calming effect to yourself, your space and your life.

How do we get the problem to need to have a spiritual cleansing?

We are energy and even more, energy flows through us and around us as we naturally exchange energy. We respond to different types of received energy transmission depending upon the environment in which we experience them.
This profound awareness is how we explore our reality; through seeing, smelling and sensing feelings, by touch or our inner knowing and through hearing sound waves. The energetic exchange or reaction is either positive or negative depending on the experience.
The exchange of energy can build up over time especially if you are exposed to negative energy.

How does it affect me and what will it do?

The part of the body most affected by the shift of energy is the aura energetic field around your body. Your aura is governed and engaged by magnetic fields; they naturally pick up the energy that’s circulating around you. From this energy pick up the exchange can influence your aura then through to your emotional thoughts, mental state and spiritual evolvement.
This amazing mutable, flexible field alters and shifts depending on your thoughts, moods, feelings and levels of energy when you are receptive to receiving or projecting energy. This field of subtle, luminous energy which surrounds each person vibrates at different frequencies and displays as light refraction in the colour spectrum of the rainbow.

How do I action a spiritual cleansing for me?

There are many different ways to do a spiritual cleansing; with the easiest, quickest and effective way to transform your spiritual health and wellness is to clean up your aura and energy centres of the body. When you have done an energetic detox and cleaned up on your energy centres and field maintaining; supporting your energy is really your next step.

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