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“What’s wrong with me?”
“Why am I so different to other people?”

I turned to a spiritual coaching with Tracie Delysia Wolter, then felt the change .

I looked at the sky and took a deep breath, I had reached the end of my tether and was exhausted from feeling like an electrical wire that had been cut from the cord; spinning, twisting and spitting my energy everywhere.
I felt mentally drained, bone tired yet at the same time energised with a nervous energy as I was on the precipice of change.  I had been this way for years; people had labelled and judged me to be a certain way but I kept finding myself reacting to their emotions and feelings as if they were my own. I was able to feel the anxieties of others, able to think of people and my mood change in an instant; there was a catalogue of events that had happened to lead me to the question;

“What the hell was going on with me?”

I knew I didn’t need a psychologist, a counsellor; that what was bothering me was on another level that I just couldn’t put my finger on; was their such a thing as a spiritual counsellor?
So off to Google, a few clicks;  I found Vivid Life and Tracie Delysia.
The connection was instant.
A caring face, a thoughtful about me page that made my stomach and brain sync up and in unison tell me; yep that’s the one. A session was offered and booked for the following week. Success!

The apprehensions for my first session were different. I had no idea what to expect but the excitement was real.
Tracie was thoughtful, considerate, knowledgeable and completely accepting of who I really was. She helped me break down barriers and walls created in my mind since a young age to bring forth the person I’ve always been.
It wasn’t voodoo, chanting or any mind games; it was basically meeting myself properly and saying; “Hey I love every last bit of you; let’s rock this.”

People noticed the difference in me almost immediately as I embraced this journey, my evolvement and Tracie’s inclusion in my life with open arms and never looked back.
Hayley – Sunshine Coast

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