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The Law of Mentalism – all is thought

The profound law of mentalism is about your thoughts and the reality created from those thoughts. Your mind is a tapestry of intertwined thoughts that affect your reality. To become the master of your destiny, master your mind.

Your thoughts are an energetic flow and everything in your reality is a mental creation.

The entire universe is a hologram. The world we exist in is simply a simulation or a part of holographic construction like a computer program. We are living in the energy matrix of a mind generated world.  All levels of your reality are part of that same program.
Our physical universe is altered by vibration which governs the reality of its construction.  Your thoughts alter the energy matrix of your reality so your inner mind matches your outer world.

One of the most fruitful ways to harness your thoughts is to meditate, which aligns the frequencies of the mind. Learning to focus your concentration and work with the power of your thoughts, gives you the ability to receive insights, visualize with more clarity and to view your reality in a harmonious manner. Once you have control over your thoughts you gain control over your life.

The power of the intent of your thoughts is vital. You can create anything you want from your thinking. When you become aware of your thoughts you open up the possibility of bringing yourself closer to being aligned with your heartfelt purpose. This gives you a sense of freedom and you discover your true self. The spoken word is a vehicle of power. Your words give form and expression to your thoughts and are shaped and created from your thinking. Exploring more of your cognitive abilities with the power of mentalism.

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