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The Meridians alter the life force flows through the body. They are known as channels of energy and are mapped throughout the body as acupressure points. These mappings of the acupressure or acupuncture points are key points that target re-balancing and re-aligning the body’s energy system. They are linked to the elements, individual organs, Yin/Yang principles, and times of the day. Our energy meridian systems have a series of acupressure points which are highly concentrated free nerve endings and ’mechanoreceptors’. These specialized tissues actively respond to mechanical stimuli such as touch and when stimulated they change the flow of energy. When we experience a shock to our emotions and if the emotional experience is very intense with distress or trauma a blockage occurs in our energy system, leave an imprint to conscious experience and energy imprint with the meridians. An acupuncturist or EFT practitioner will endeavor to treat any disorders by targeting the imbalances which exist within our body’s energy meridian system. The energy, when flowing throughout your body, nourish and energize the body to remain at optimum health. Meridian channels that transmit the energy of electromagnetic energy within the body they act as a conduit with energy channels distribute a flow ‘Prana’ which is the vital life force conscious energy. The entire physical body is infused with a complex energy network. An inner connect network of energy distributing our consciousness of our life force thought out our body.

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