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Mindfulness is a part of spiritual health; of our present situation, being mindful is a part of our spiritual health which is linked in such a loving way to bring us into awareness of our mental and emotional health. We are taking control of our lives for the better and putting ourselves into the drivers’ seats of our spiritual health and wellbeing.

Mindfulness isn’t something new to learn; we all have the capabilities to be aware in our present moment but it is the art of learning how to master mindfulness into everyday life that will bring forth the benefits of clear thinking, cutting down stress, and not ‘over’ reacting to things that occur in life; opening the doors to happiness in our lives, work, and relationships.

To be in the present moment without allowing the mind to wander is mindfulness in the simplest form. Meditation is an excellent example of this, allowing yourself 5 minutes a day where you allow your mind to just sit where it is and not thinking of the groceries to be bought, the errands to be run, the deadlines that are due.
5 mere minutes of just being in your now moment will phenomenally recharge you, calm you down and allow you to journey through life with purpose and intention rather than reaction.
You can practice mindfulness with all activities in life; hanging out washing, doing the dishes, researching a project; anything you’re bringing your full attention to can become a mindfulness practice.

To purposefully place yourself in your now moment in your day-to-day life and to stop the worry of the past and the future will give your health such rewards by minimizing stress, reducing negative emotions, and increasing the flow of contentment; providing more clarity and concentration.

Release all the tension of what could be, what is, of wanting more, and what will be by being in your present moment. Be aware that the now moment is all that needs your focus in order to bring forth the simplicity to move forward.

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