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Along the path of spiritual growth and development you will become aware of who you really are; a spiritual multi-dimensional being of light having a human experience.  Along your journey on the pathway of growth you will gather personal transformational tools and techniques that will support your progression and knowledge.

You will grow into an empowered, transitional state of learning as you acknowledge the mystery and magic of the universe.
This is an amazing experience filled with immense joy.

Over time and with the evolution of the soul; the truth through awareness will become prevalent and reveal a state of being which is empowered. This will align through the energy of light resonance to the core of your soul.

Spiritual development through growth means ‘waking up’ and raising your awareness of your consciousness; widening the concept of who we really are. You will expand your view beyond the constraint of what you currently think is your reality; bringing you higher levels of awareness, understanding, compassion and knowledge.
When you apply these into your life; you allow the pure essence of your consciousness to come alive. There are two energies of the same consciousness; one actively interacting with the world around us and one passively observing.
Your consciousness seeks to become aligned to the higher self or superconscious of the I AM presence.
The higher self is a part of your consciousness that resides in the ether and acts as a conduit of energy to the physical body. This is pure infinite essence within you; allowing the exploration to the very core of your consciousness.
As you grow you will open up higher dimensions of yourself; lifting the veils of illusion, seeing life through the eyes of higher self and link your voice with one who speaks of love and truth. Your mind will become an instrument of interaction and emotionally you will be harmonious; throughout this process you will conduit energy from higher self.

You will become compassionate, wise and loving in all aspects of living; as there is no limit to the growth and expansion that is possible for you.


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