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This is a Native American Indian traditional method of cleansing the energy of a person or place. A smudging stick consists of dried and bound leaves of white sage, cedar, or sweetgrass.
Smudging is a ritual ceremony that includes preparation and prayer. As the smoke rises an invoked prayer is spoken to the spirit world. When smudging a place it will create a shift in still or stagnant energy, move out the dark flat energy and bring in the light which has a high-frequency vibration. When smudging a person will remove or release negative feelings and emotions and cleanse the body, mind, and spirit.

Smudging Ceremony
This ceremony is to be conducted in a manner of respect, preparation, and intent. This ritual is for cleansing either a person’s aura or a specific location, with the intention to shift and
change the negative influences that are present. Take your time with this, collect all the items you need, and prepare your tools first. Set a space for the ceremony. Take a cloth and place it down to create a base for the altar for the

For a location, house, or property:
1. Prepare your sacred space for your tools.
2. If you work on a location or a home, start by opening all
cupboards and drawers to ensure the process covers all parts of
the location.
3. Light your candle and say a prayer of intent.
4. Light your smudge stick and blow in it a little to get the smoke
going. Place in the bowl.
5. Use your feather to move the smoke around and increase the
amount of smoke generated.
6. Start at the entry of the house and work clockwise around each
room. In each corner of the room rotate the smudge stick in a
clockwise downward spiral starting your prayer. Work your way
around the house making sure you go into every room.
7. End your ceremony at the place where you started. Remember
to extinguish your smudge stick in the sand to ensure the embers
are out.
8. Remove the sand from the property.
For a person or child smudge ceremony:
Go through the same processes of 1 to 5, just tie back long hair at
step 3 as you are working with fire and smoke.
Following on… new step 6
6. Start from the bottom of the feet and once again work in a
clockwise spiral this time around the aura. When you get to the
base chakra on the front of the person stop and allow the smoke
to rise. Repeat the same on the back when you get to the base
chakra. Work your way up to the crown chakra and state your
prayer several times when working the upward spiral around
the body. To finish the ritual, state your prayer again.

Smudging Prayer Invocation Prayer 
Invoke the light to clear all alterations of energy to bring balance.
The light will shine in the dark and the pure light of smoke will
shift the darkness and all will be changed into the light. Blessed
be blessed all blessed now and for the light to clear the smoke
and all will be at peace again.

Love & light xx

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