The Violet Flame Hypnotic Meditation MP3 Download



Format: Mp3 Download
Genre: Guided hypnotic meditation
Author: Tracie Delysia
Background music: Relaxing music with binaural beats.
Tracks: 01.Meditation.mp3 (23mins)

About this Meditation?

Transmute and cleanse negative energy on all levels. Raise the vibrational frequency of your mental, emotional, physical and spiritual self to unprecedented new levels, opening yourself up to the powerful grace of forgiveness. Become energised and revitalised through the power of the Violet Flame and allow your negative thoughts and feelings to be transformed into the harmony of the spirit allowing you to anchor and navigate your world.

What this Meditation is used for?

 The Violet Flame hypnotic meditation recording truly is a gift from the divine to all who live within this earthly paradigm. Take this opportunity to transcend the mundane and venture into the incredible. Become elevated to a place of inspiration and let the sound of Tracie’s voice carry you higher, allowing your energies to flow free, becoming more vital and aligned to the wisdom of the ascended masters. Experience the skillful blend of binaural beats infused through the masterfully crafted music reach into your soul and become a true being of Violet Fire and experience the purity of divine desire.

Accelerate your healing with this powerful process and let the Violet Flame release your spirit into the fire of spiritual alchemy with this enlightening hypnotic meditative experience.


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