The Millennium Collection MP3 Download


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Format: Mp3 downloads
Genre: Guided hypnotic meditations
Author: Tracie Delysia
Background music: Relaxing music with binaural beats.
Tracks: 01.Meditation. (22 mins) 02. Meditation. (22.00) 03.Meditation. (19.00) 04.Meditation. (26.00) 05.Meditation. (18.00)

The Millennium Collection

This Millennium Collection is a must have for any serious seeker of enlightened living. Tracie Delysia Wolter’s voice will guide and inspire you throughout this journey and the skillful use of embedded binaural beats within the relaxing sounds of the music will help entrain your consciousness to ever higher levels of divine experience and manifestation.

Intuitive Dreaming – This meditation is used when seeking answers, guidance, inner discovery, or for the development of intuitive/psychic abilities. Use this hypnotic meditation to activate your inner senses, explore the dream state and unlock your unconscious potential.

Inner Peace – This meditation transports you to a place of spiritual peace and mental calm allowing you to access your innate capacity for self-understanding and inner knowledge. Use this hypnotic meditation whenever you need to harmonise your energy to the flow of the rhythm of your life.

Free your Mind – This meditation will guide and inspire you to settle and relax into a place of natural flow and inner clarity. Use this hypnotic meditation to gain true awareness through a mind that is calm and free and transform negativity into a thought stream that is characterised by peace and love and light.

Rainbow Pyramid – This meditation will allow you to tap into the energetic vibrancy of all the colours of the rainbow. Use this hypnotic meditation and stimulate your senses to engage the frequencies of light. By doing this you can bring yourself to a new level of energy mindfulness and reach hitherto unrealised intuitive states of conscious awareness.

Unlock your Prosperity – This meditation will take you on a journey of inner discovery where you will become inspired to explore the depths of your untapped wealth creation potential. Use this hypnotic meditation to transform your reality by activating your awareness so that you may live a richer , more prosperous and healthier life.



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