Psychic Mediumship Reading with Tracie Delysia Wolter


When Tracie performs a psychic medium reading. It’s reading the energy on an intuitive level and connecting to spirit for further guidance. Her expertise is with the altered state of trance consciousness. She uses a direct link of communication with the spirit world for guided philosophy and inspirational mediumship. This coming together of mind and energy allows communication of messages; it reveals evidence of the afterlife in order to share the infinite intelligent teachings of spirit to all who wish to be enlightened. Readings sessions are in person at Mooloolaba or by phone. The session is approximately one hour.

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Disclaimer – Psychic readings are deemed for entertainment purposes only. Always use common sense and seek the appropriate advice or counseling from medical, legal, or other professional specialists if required On having a consultation the client accepts full responsibility for any actions or decisions they make as a result of the consultation.


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