Psychic Meditation Value Pack (3 x MP3s)


3 MP3 meditations to activate psychic potential and sensory awareness. Included are 3 full length hypnotic meditations that are part of the ‘Psychic Sensory’ series.


This is a fantastic set of 3 MP3s to help activate your psychic potential and sensory awareness. Included are 3 full-length hypnotic meditations that are part of the ‘Psychic Sensory series’. Each MP3 program will help unearth innate abilities to connect with spirit and receive messages through the different sensory systems. Using all 3 programs together will elevate your ability to read, receive messages, and open up your third eye. It is indeed a very empowering experience for both professionals and individuals wishing to explore their gifts further.

Includes 3 MP3s for Psychic Development

MP3 1: Clairaudience: Promotes clairaudient awareness to better identify & translate ‘sounds’ associated with messages you receive. View album here.

MP3 2: Clairsentience: Helps develop your clairsentient receptiveness, identifying & translating the ‘feelings’ associated with messages you receive. View album here.

MP3 3: Clairvoyance: Helps awaken your ‘third eye’ for clear vision and clarity promoting clairvoyant potential and inner knowing. View album here.

About the Psychic Meditations

Each MP3 album contains a powerful hypnotic meditation formula. You will be effortlessly guided into trance with Tracie’s soothing voice, specific binaural beat frequencies, and relaxing background music. Entwined within each journey is a coming-together of sound and voice. At certain stages in each session, you will hear natural sounds to become fully immersed as Tracie guides you to lush tropical rainforests, mountain streams, and private forest getaways.


For best effect, alternate between the 3 meditations according to which areas you wish to work on the most. It is a good idea to get into a routine of using a different title each night for 6-8 weeks straight. Typically you will  begin feeling a new sense of awareness and intuitiveness more and more as you get into the 6 to 8 weeks cycle.  Please don’t listen to these recordings when you are driving a car or doing something that requires your full attention for safety’s sake. They will make you become drowsy and in a nice relaxed state of meditation so it is best to listen in a quiet place where you won’t be disturbed.


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