Hypnotic Meditation CD – Connect to your Spirit Guides


This hypnotic mediation is where you will be guided to a mystic place where you can meet one of your spirit guide to receive a significant symbol of your meeting just for you.


Format: Shipped CD
Genre: Guided hypnotic meditation
Author: Tracie Delysia
Background music: Relaxing music embedded with binaural beats
Tracks: 01.Meditation (23mins 31secs)

Helps Connect With Your Spirit Guides for Support

This is a personal journey into the depths of meditative bliss. You be guided by Tracie Delysia’s soothing voice accompanied by gentle background music to promote deep levels of relaxation. Using hypnotic suggestion, Tracie Delysia will help you become connected to your spirit guides to bring forth their support, guidance, intuition, and all the other benefits that this connectedness will offer you. This program is a very personal experience – so it will work within your own individual realm in a way that is unique to you and your spirit guides.

This meditation is useful for anybody wanting to discover and connect with their spirit guides. It can be used for so many different things – from developing your psychic/intuitive potential, to finding answers, enhancing your conscious awareness, exploring the unconscious realm, or simply having that additional support throughout the day. Sometimes we all need a helping hand in life – this meditation will help you find this.

This product is also available as a MP3 – click here to view


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