Hypnotic Meditation Download – Intuitive Dreaming


Experience the Realm of Intuitive Dreaming to Realise Your Limitless Potential!


Format: MP3 Download (links will be emailed for you to download after checkout)
Genre: Guided hypnotic meditation
Author: Tracie Delysia
Background music: Relaxing music embedded with binaural beats
Tracks: 01.Meditation.mp3 (22mins 14secs)

Experience the Realm of Intuitive Dreaming to Realise Your Limitless Potential!

This is a personal journey into the depths of meditative bliss. You be guided by Tracie Delysia’s soothing voice accompanied by binaural beats and relaxing music to promote sustained levels of trance. Using hypnotic suggestion, Tracie Delysia will help enhance your intuition and promote discovery of intuitive messages within the dream state. Doing this you can begin to realise the limitless inner potentials that we all possess, helping nurture your gift and providing guidance within your life. This meditation is useful for anybody seeking answers, guidance, inner discovery, or intuitive/psychic development. It is particularly useful if you wish to explore the dream state and unlock your much potential within the unconscious realm. It will help you activate your inner senses and provide clear answers and messages for anything that is happening within your life. Doing this you will feel empowered and ready to move forward with that extra sense of ‘knowing’ in anything that you do. It is indeed a very powerful and enlightening experience!

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