Hypnotic Meditation CD – Psychic Protection


Feel safe and protected in this hypnotic meditation that brings in the white light to envelope you and strengthen the protection with powerful  NLP techniques. 


Format: Shipped CD
Guided hypnotic meditation
Author: Tracie Delysia
Background music: Relaxing music embedded with binaural beats
Tracks: 01.Meditation (25mins 03secs)

Helps Create an Impenetrable Shield Against Unwanted Influences for Psychic Protection!

This is a personal journey into the depths of meditative bliss. You be guided by Tracie Delysia’s soothing voice accompanied with an ambient musical soundscape to enhance the listening experience. Using hypnotic suggestion and NLP empowerment techniques, Tracie Delysia will help you create an impenetrable shield against unwanted influences when you do psychic work or feel the effect of outside influence. It will also help you nurture psychic insight, allowing you to develop your gift to its full potential without fear of negative influences. This program is particularly useful for those in the spiritual industry, especially psychics, clairvoyants, energy healers, and anyone else who ventures into the psychic realm. In saying this it is also very useful for those who feel they have unwanted influences in their life and seek protection and closure from such forces. Using this CD regularly will help cement in place new patterns to counteract negative influences, helping you feel safe during the day and sleep soundly at night.

This product is also available as a MP3 – click here to view


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