Free Your Mind Hypnotic Meditation MP3 Download



Format: Mp3 Download
Genre: Guided hypnotic meditation
Author: Tracie Delysia
Background music: Relaxing music with binaural beats.
Tracks: 01.Meditation.mp3 (19mins)

About this Meditation?

Let your mind settle and relax into a place of natural flow and inner clarity. Create the space in your mind to expand and grow deeper and wider and really know true freedom of the self.

By allowing Tracie’s voice to guide and inspire you, by relaxing your day-to-day mind and really experiencing the true nature of the self, you will shift naturally from negative thought patterns into the abundant flow of creative manifestation.

What is Meditation is Used for?

The soul-engaging music of this hypnotic meditation is skillfully infused with binaural beats that help entrain your mind to the calm that removes energetic interference generated by negativity within your thought stream – transforming it into peace and love and light.

Remember that all reality is no more than a mental creation held in place by the energetic flow of your thoughts. Allow Tracie to share this gift and engage with you the abundance of the universe in all its divine flow and manifestation. Gain true awareness through a mind that is calm and free and simply be – manifested within divinity.


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