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Flick Your Psychic Switch Audio Book CD set brings you over 6 hours of audio listening to awaken your psychic energy to connect!! Plug in now….

This fast track audio interactive series offers a complete development of your metaphysical goals to help reach your full psychic potential. By exploring a modern approach to the philosophy of ancient spiritual knowledge, together we will begin to uncover the fascinating world of being psychic and how to unlock your true potential to achieve psychic awareness.

Being involved in this course will enable you to directly experience the intuitive aspects and ‘energies’ within yourself and how you will be able to guide your psychic awareness in a direction that you want. Intuition is one of the pathways to developing your psychic ability, by developing your intuitive scenes helps you to engage deeper into energy of sensations, feelings, and thoughts when receiving psychic insights and impressions. Psychic growth is an awareness that occurs within you, defining life with a difference of your conscious experience, integrating knowledge and utilizing your natural intuitive ability.

Being Psychic is a phenomenon of the mind, body and energy. When your psychic awareness is present, you automatically tune in to this vision or feeling. It is profound when experienced and sensed as an overwhelming sensory engagement. The inner sense of knowing or awareness is meaningful which generates an insight or clear link to the understanding in a very profound way.

15 Chapters Audio Book covering these topic that lead on a journey of discovery….. to powerful and  inspiring world of being psychic.

Chapter 1 – Why Flick the Switch

Start your journey with this unique knowledge to guide you in developing and embracing the psychic you. Direct yourself to a happier more fulfilled life where you will have the confidence to express your true self and therefore your magical essence.

 Chapter 2 – Energy the Power with You
Realise how you are energy and a part of the universal energetic patterns. You will learn how the energy flows through us as natural receptors and how by deepening your consciousness will link you to the higher self.

 Chapter 3 -The Auras, Chakras and the Body
Discover the energy exchange with your chakras and energies of the body with a heightened awareness of vibrations, colour, frequencies and the functions of the aura and life force.

Chapter 4- The Power of the Mind

Explore altered states of mind, clarify the individual parts of the mind and obtain the knowledge to shift the unwanted thoughts that can block and alter your daily life.

Chapter 5 – Psychic Archetypes

Explore your psychic personality type and gain a deeper understanding of who you are and how you function with your psychic abilities.

 Chapter 6 – How to raise your Vibration

Meditation assists you to raise the vibration of your energy- giving you the spark for a dynamic life. Turn fear into faith and reach for the stars via skill manifestation.

Chapter 7 – Universal Laws

Discover the laws of attraction and akashic records. By gaining the knowledge of the spiritual laws and universal energy you will empower yourself to become in sync with the universe.

Chapter 8 – Working with Protection

Gain insights in how you can create a shift of negative energy; placing an invisible shield of protection around you. Discover the techniques of grounding, divine white light, cleanse your energies and spaces you occupy finding the balance of energies in your life.

Chapter 9 – Angels, Guides and Spiritual Guardians

Explore the pure divinity of angelic realm by working with angels and discover that we all have spiritual guardians and guides that are here to help and guide us on the right direction of our chosen path.

 Chapter 10 – Tools of Trade

Learn the magic of your tools, what they are how you can use them from Psychometrics, Palmistry to Pendulums. Explore Astrology, Tarot and Oracle to allow you a clear way of message deciphering and deliverance.

Chapter 11 – Know your Inner Wisdom

Embrace your abilities with self-love and trust when you tap into your intuitive self. Accept your sensory awareness and thoroughly develop and embrace your psychic abilities.

 Chapter 12 – Mechanic of Being Psychic

Define Psychic ‘Clair’ abilities and how they enhance you with the power of thought and mind contact beyond the frequencies of the 5 senses. Learn how symbols are there to guide you and how the energy of the mind, body, soul blend and engage.

 Chapter 13 – How to do a Psychic Reading

Create a space to allow you to perform at your best. Understand the legalities when stepping into the professional arena with your enhanced self and remain empowered; discerning your energy to avoid a depleted self.

 Chapter 14 – Channelling       

A clear channel will allow communication between two energies, whether it is from guides, elementals or light beings. Discover how these communications can be translated into writing, drawing, art or speech.

Chapter 15 – Mediumship

By creating a link to the spirit world a medium is able to share information and offer pathways to direct links of communication. This blend of mind and energy allows communication of messages and the ability to share the infinite teachings of spirit.

Time to immerse yourself into the limitless potential within you. Now I dare you to flick your psychic switch!



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