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A positive affirmation quote is, essentially, a request to the universe for the achievement of a hope, dream or desire and, importantly, this request is expressed with positive energy, expectancy and intent. Have you ever made a positive affirmation quote about your desires – for example, for abundance with money, love or even better health? Was this positive affirmation quote effective?

Whilst there are cases of instant successful results with positive affirmation quotes, generally it takes a while for the manifestation to build and become apparent in our lives. Achieving success with positive affirmation quotes can be a very slow process, and it requires persistent action to bring these into effect. One of the main reasons positive affirmation quotes are unsuccessful is that people turn these into conscious requests; thus, affirmations become simply wish-lists of desires in the cosmic order of the universe. At worst, many people at this stage see little or no result and simply give up.

Now, let me tell you something about positive affirmation quotes and the laws of attraction that most self-help books will not. The conscious mind and the subconscious mind must be in alignment in order for these to work, with the request matching the mind blueprint. The mind blueprint is held as data in the subconscious mind, and if the subconscious mind does not have similar data to the positive affirmation quote requested it will not assist us in moving forward with this request.

The mind blueprint is developed during the comparative freedom of early childhood. As an adult, however, we become conditioned and attracted to self-doubts and limiting negative beliefs. These patterns of thought, held deep within the subconscious mind, contradict our mind blueprint and thus hold us back from what we truly want.

Our thinking is a collection of vibrations. If repeated often enough, certain thoughts – both negative and positive – will have an impact on the human body’s energy field (the aura, the layered field of magnetic energy around the body which is deeply connected to our mind and emotions). The law of attraction – the principle that ‘like attracts like’ – then comes into effect. We continue to attract the types of emotions that pervade our thinking, therefore bringing these into our reality.

So, now that you understand how it all works … you may ask, ‘How can I get what I want?’

It takes a great deal of work for the request to be accepted by the subconscious mind – indeed, it requires daily repetitive statements with true emotion underpinning the words. You can work with the repetition of positive affirmation quotes over time, or alternatively you can have a clinical hypnotherapist place the positive affirmation quote request in the mind blueprint. Using either method, you can achieve synchronicity and alignment of the two minds, bringing the laws of attraction into effect through the aura, and the request will manifest before your eyes.

You have the power to do this – have faith in your capacity to change, seek help from professionals where necessary, and you can make your desires a reality.

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