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When exploring your psychic abilities consider on a physical level, the pineal gland as this is your gateway to the other side. This tiny pine cone-shaped gland is a part of the endocrine system. This gland produces a hormone called melatonin which affects the awake /sleep state. Activation of the melatonin chemical within the body which regulates sleep patterns and assists in cell reproduction when your body is repairing itself during the natural sleep state.
The pineal gland has more blood flow and has high levels of concentrated energy, more than anywhere else in the body. The center of the pineal gland is made of water and in the fluid, there are crystal components called micro clusters, these microclusters can flip over. This fluid is connected to the conductive electromagnetic fields of time and space.
When these microclusters flip, it creates the bridge between the physical and spiritual worlds. It opens access to gateways into time alteration, paranormal realms, and other dimensional realities. This is why it is known as the seat of the soul and the pathway to consciousness. Think of it as your spiritual antenna that gives access to the other side. Another inner part of the pineal gland has rods and cones like a retina on your eye. This is where it gets interesting, when a source of energy vibrates the crystals in the water of the pineal gland it will activate the retina and then this allows you to see. This is why it is called the third eye as it has a cornea and lens that allow vision.
When you are sleeping, there is a change in brainwave states, when in this relaxed state you reach a theta brain wave frequency you slip into an alternate dream state. In this state, the inner retina of the pineal gland records the visual imagery of the experience and this is how the dream state seems so visually vivid. It is the inner retina of the pineal gland that records visual imagery of the imprint of the vision.

How we access this induced state is through  ‘Hypnagogia Trance’ or Hypnagogia Arrest State’ is a transition state in between wakefulness and sleep; it is where you are in a half-dream state of mind. You are almost asleep but almost awake in a suspended level of consciousness. You do this naturally every day when you transition into sleep or start waking up. During this experience, there can be a variety of sights, images, sounds, and impressions that unfold and we have an alteration to our frequency while in hypnagogia.  This can provide a platform or a link to the spirit world; through this state, you can interact with discarnate or other spirit entities. In this state of trance, you can activate your psychic ability to improve your sensing perception.

If you would like to consciously induce hypnagogia. Here is how to do it. When your relaxed in laying down postion being calm just before you drift off to sleep. As you feel the melatonin production starting  and your drifting in and out of consciousness. This is when the brainwave states alter and pineal gland engages. You can prolong this state by place your hands flat and then your spread your fingers apart and tensing your hand with your fingers in a spread position. This will delay sleep and you will be in hypnagogia. This altered dream-like state opens up and allows the change in frequency to link for your gateway to the otherside.

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