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Our soul is an eternal energy within us that guides us on absolutely everything in our life… each thought and every emotion. Past life regression connects us with every person and event our soul has encountered and through it we experience an energetic remembrance of our soul’s journey through time, encompassing our rich history. We experience our creation as a presence, as an individual living in the past, who has learned to navigate the momentum of existence and everything that it involves.
These historical soul imprints of incarnated life experiences are remembered through the higher self and recorded in the Akashic Records. Akasha is a Sanskrit word meaning ’sky’ or ’space’ and the records are a compendium of all the thoughts, events and emotions of our souls, encoded in a non-physical etheric plane of existence. These soul records are an energetic imprint of every deed, word, feeling, thought and intent that has ever occurred in time and space in the history of the world. They are more than just a reservoir of events and act as the personal life records of all lifetimes of every individual who has lived on the earth. They are an etheric holographic depository of information about each soul’s history and each individual’s book of past life of memories.
When we delve back into our rich history through past life regression, we can access our soul’s memories through a profound altered state of hypnosis. This hypnotic state is actually a relaxed, focused state of trance. This state feels like a dream state but it’s not a dream; you have a fully conscious awareness of what is being said. It is a form of guided imagery using concentrated and focused attention to achieve an enhanced level of accelerated learning.
Past life regression is a fascinating guided journey that can assist you when you’re looking for answers to why you may be stuck in your life and unable to move forward.
During the trance state of a past life regression session, the therapist helps facilitate a transformation which provides a healing for the lifetime the event took place, and all subsequent lifetimes. Being guided to explore past lives can open gateways of opportunity to improve your current life and have a major impact on your experience of the present day. By using a hypnotic regressive technique you are able to create a link with your unconscious mind and higher self and gain access back to the cellular memory of birth. This experience of previous incarnations provokes profound emotions and a review of the life changing events that are retained by the soul’s cellular memory.
Many of us have experienced reflective moments when we sense that the patterns we currently exhibit can be traced back to prior lifetimes before our current incarnation. This awareness generally remains elusive from conscious thought unless past life regression recall is activated. An experience of past life regression creates a powerful feeling of engagement and often includes a visual encounter, an emotional release or a cleansing on an energetic level.
An acknowledgment or acceptance of the event has an even more profound effect on the healing process. It is amazing how the mind has the ability to heal the physical body, encourage better health and reduce the effects of illness and disease within. Changing a person’s perception of life has a ripple effect from the emotional to the physical body. It can produce amazing results by clearing and cleansing emotional stress, trauma and addressing physical issues. By embracing this healing process you achieve a deeper understanding of your repetitive behavioural reactions that may have hindered your development for much of your life.
During regression there are a couple different techniques that can be used to facilitate a profound experience. The regression can be viewed from the perspective of a third person where you have the sense of being detached from your body, circumstance or scene. This is a valuable tool when the action of reliving your past life memory may be too traumatic or deeply distressing and it is just as effective as a healing method.
Or you can possibly have a full revivification (restoring life, energy and spirit) and virtually relive the memory in the present moment experiencing the sensory engagement of actually being in the experience. You can drop rapidly into the reality of a past life when guided by specific questioning which allows you to fully associate with a memory and or experience. Being engaged as if you are actually in the experience can be life changing and profound and gives access to useful resources that you need to explore the healing process.
Past life regression has a valuable place in creating a deeper understanding of the repetitive circumstances that may be present in your current life. The process can also be an enjoyable and pleasant one confirming that your life experience has a purpose.

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