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Mindfulness is being in the present moment.  It is awareness of your present situation and it is linked with spirituality in a completely loving way.
When you have awareness you can bring your mental and emotional health into harmony. With only five minutes of awareness you can recharge on levels that are truly remarkable.

When you take control of your life and put yourself in charge, you find yourself calm and travelling through life with purpose and intention rather than reacting to life. The lessons you learn to get you where you are and the changes you make from which you benefit, will make you feel empowered.
Awareness brings forth clear thinking, cuts down stress and encourages less ‘over’ reacting.  We all have the capability to be aware. Mindfulness isn’t something new to learn but it is something to be practised in order for it to be effective.

Open the doors to happiness in life, work and relationships by simply being in your present moment. Whether you’re sitting at the traffic lights, standing in line at the grocery store or doing the laundry, allow your mind to just sit where it is and not think.
Be in your now moment and breathe. Release the tension of what is, what could be, what if, wanting more and just be, in the now moment.
By purposefully living in the now by doing this you will immediately achieve more clarity, improve your concentration, eliminate stress, reduce negative emotions and benefit your health, as you increase your contentment every day.

Be mindful, be aware and just be happy 🙂


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