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What is is the difference between trance states of hypnosis or meditation… Let me explain…

Meditation is a wonderful personal experience of self discovery and hypnosis is the most rapid and effective way to achieve change. They are quite different but work on the same principle of a trance state of mind.

What is trance? Trance is just an altered state of awareness, no more, no less. It is simple, it’s natural to do and it starts when you close your eyes. When you are concentrating your attention on a particular focus it will give you a greater level of absorption.

Hypnosis feels like a dream state but it’s not a dream because you are fully conscious and aware of what is being said; whether with a hypnotist or by self hypnosis. You are actually involved in the experience. It is a relaxed yet focused state of awareness. You engage your imagination with calm thinking using a form of guided imagery. By concentrating your attention, this enhanced level of accelerated learning will be able make the change you desire.

Using the power of your mind together with your creative imagination, you will find new ways of working towards changing those unwanted behaviour patterns, resolving issues or accessing your rich history.

Using a relaxed way of thinking will rest the conscious mind through to the natural state of trance which then allows access to the subconscious mind for this process to be achieved. It is a necessity to bypass the critical factor. This is the part of the human brain that either accepts or rejects information. The true effect of hypnosis occurs by accessing the subconscious mind.

Hypnosis is a highly effective, drug–free, alternative way to rapidly change your thoughts, moods and behaviours in a powerful way. It also has the ability to access all the recorded information from your life experiences.  This is an astounding part of your mind and the data from your memories is an amazing experience to explore.

Meditation creates stillness of the mind in order to transform the state of mind to access one’s higher self or infinite intelligence.  Amazing and profound concepts about oneself and other alternate gateways of the mind are discovered through this natural trance state using a concentrated level of awareness. There are different types of meditation practices as Guided, Transcendental, Kundalini, Vipassana, Qigong just to name a few…

By working with these techniques you will enhance your level of concentration, have a calm persona, clarity and emotional wellness; it will allow you to see the true nature of things.  During this focussed state you can create options to transform yourself for your personal wellbeing and also to change your perspective on how you view life.

Slowing down your thinking and allowing the shift of the cluttered mind in everyday life creates an opportunity to be receptive to one’s inner knowing which allows you to connect to those feelings of true knowing. Also, by working with this concept people can develop   extra sensory perception or psychic abilities. You can create a change to your vibration thought energy. Through this change you can create the opportunity to connect to another dimension of reality.

Regular meditation practice has been proven to have major health advantages to reduce blood pressure, get control over levels of stress, and feel better about anxiety and depression.

Having great personal peace seems somewhat unobtainable but can be accomplished with a little practice and the desire to create a better you.


“One thing man has control over is his thoughts and thoughts are things”

“Whatever the mind can conceive and believe, the mind can achieve”

– Napoleon Hill


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