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Who are my guides and what do they do? They are there to assist and help if you allow them. Spirit guides work with us. We have many guides throughout our life that assist us with the different transitions we have as we evolve and grow. They help us to develop our current life lessons then move on so that new guides can come in to work and help us to move forward and so and so on.  Our development is in stages of progressive evolvement. By working with life’s lesson and learning from them it we evolve. By learning as we go through these stages and develop we lift a veil for each level. There are seven veils which we go through and after each evolvement a veil is lifted. Then we will become divine energy enhancement.

The feeling you have in your stomach or the area known to hold the solar plexus chakras is your guide sending you a message. Some guides reveal themselves as symbols, images and sometimes scent or colour. They endeavour to move you forward and withdraw when need be, helping to be in alignment with your life path. Trust in your feelings and sense of knowing as they are sending you a message. It is wonderful to be synchronised with your guides.

Here to list of different guides that are here to assist you with right direction for your chosen path.

Inner Band Spirit Guides

Protector, Door Keeper or Gatekeeper.

These guides are a protective energy who are there to assist you and keep you safe. These guides will bring positive influences and people around you .The question arises ‘will the connection be in alignment for the greater good or purpose’? The door keeper guides are there to help with a those connections to people that may assist your growth and they will not distract you from your purpose. They will also assist those here on the earth plane to those who will benefit from the relationship. Mediums have assistance from door keeper guides to clear contact with entities when connecting and passing on messages.

Joy Guides

These wonderful guides are there to make light of life and show you happiness. Anything that makes you feel good will be their work. They are there to help but you must ask for assistance to bring joy into your life when life become challenging. If you do not ask you will not receive.

Physical Teacher Guides

These guides work with health and wellbeing; if you were to undertake any healing work you would have this guide connected to you. Usually these guides would have been in the field of healing when they walked the earth plane.

Doctor Teacher Guides

They are just that; teachers. They are there to assist us in our learning here on the earthly plane and the spiritual plane. They oversee educational philosophy in all learning.  Again, ask for the lessons to be learned from this stage and for assistance with tools and how to use them. If you are in need of assistance you will have help if requested.

Everyday Guides

These guides are one of a group who are there with you every step you take and will move you forward when need be and they will also slow you down and reflect on life. If you lose your car keys for just a minute and then find them then all the sudden they appear. This means they have just created a time delay for you to avoid being involved in a car accident or something else to line a synchronicity for further alignment of purpose. If you had left 5 minutes earlier the outcome might have been different. It’s wonderful as they will be there for you even when you sleep.

Message Bearer

These guides are there to pass on a message to others. These guides assist us in finding information. Many psychics and mediums will work with these guides when doing a reading to be able to source information.

Chemist Guide

In spiritual tradition the chemists guide works with the human body, altering and transmuting body chemistry thru vibrational attuning the cells of the body. They balance the aura and to have synchronicity of the charkas to attune clearer to the spirit plane. This will help you may be able to change your frequency to a higher vibration and therefore more effective links to the spirit plane.

Master Guides

These are very high vibrational beings; they are experts in their field. To complete a task these guides will help you to get in the right the direction to have growth in a special area.  They are a source of clarity and guidance and are there for a higher purpose. If you were writing, a guide would come in to assist with this task and they would have been a writer in their times that had walked the earthly plane.  Master guides would possibly have been philosophers,educators or great healers when incarnated here on the earthly plane.

Outer Band Spirit Guides

These guides are there for you when requested, these guides connect only when needed to complete a task and they will come infrequently as opposed to inner band guides.

Control and communication with guides rests with you and your requests. If you set your intent they will never let you down, they are there for you in so many ways. We need to express gratitude for their involvement and how they show us the best direction on our path. Everyone has their own way of creating a relationship and it is a truly treasured connection to embrace.

Try a this hypnotic meditation to connect to Spirit Guides and have a amazing experience to find out more about them.

About this Meditation

This is a personal journey into the depths of meditative bliss. You be guided by Tracie’s soothing voice accompanied by gentle background music to promote deep levels of relaxation. Using hypnotic suggestion, Tracie will help you become connected to your spirit guides to bring forth their support, guidance, intuition, and all the other benefits that this connectedness will offer you. This program is a very personal experience – so it will work within your own individual realm in a way that is unique to you and your spirit guides.

Who is this CD Useful For?

This meditation is useful for anybody wanting to discover and connect with their spirit guides. It can be used for so many different things – from developing your psychic/intuitive potential, to finding answers, enhancing your conscious awareness, exploring the unconscious realm, or simply having that additional support throughout the day. Sometimes we all need a helping hand in life – this meditation will help you find this.

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  • Elaine

    Wow that was a great explanation of the different guids that we have.
    I will be ordering your CD and looking forward to connecting with my guides.

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