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Flick Your Psychic Switch Course is designed to take you on a journey of discovery into the fascinating world of being psychic. This Psychic online training course is offered in an adaptive learning style. Presenting easy-to-follow information in a variety of formats that discloses everything you need to know about developing your psychic ability. Take this step now to get the leverage that will free your mind and allow you to truly embrace the world around you in all its glory.

Your interactive course includes –

  • 15 x Flick Your Psychic Switch Course Audio Modules
  • 5 x Transforming Meditation Mp3
    • Psychic Protection Hypnotic Meditation
    • Connect to Spirit Guides Hypnotic Meditation
    • Clairvoyant – Psychic Sensory Awareness Series
    • Clairsentient – Psychic Sensory Awareness Series
    • Clairaudient – Psychic Sensory Awareness Series
  • Flick Your Psychic Switch ebook PDF Copy
  • Spiritual Glossary – meanings of metaphysical terms

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Free Your Psychic Swith Interactive Course

Who would benefit from the course?

Flick Your Psychic Switch Course will help anybody who is seeking answers, guidance, inner awareness to intuitive/psychic development. This course will unlock the many intuitive and psychic potentials within you.

The development information and techniques presented herein are all tried and tested – they work! They will help you activate your inner senses and provide clear answers and messages for anything that is happening within your life.

By developing your natural psychic abilities you will feel empowered and ready to move forward with the knowledge that your psychic power is true and a natural part of you.

What will I get from doing the course?

Lots of information about metaphysics, esoteric sciences and spiritual mystical subjects with detailed explanations that are clear and easy to understand.

Easy and effective techniques that will have you exercising your psychic abilities with enhanced perception.

Videos that answer your questions about the subject.

Hypnotic Meditations that will accelerate your development rapidly with hypnotic suggestion, for enhanced results, that tap into the limitless potential within your deeper mind. These will bring forward your masterful capabilities forward to conscious thinking and focus.

You will be taken to places and have experiences that you never would have imagined possible. You will learn how you can develop your abilities and to embrace the knowledge that you are resourceful and original.

You will know and understand that a psychic is a person who intuitively reads energy and who senses on the plane of thought, emotion, purpose and motive for themselves or others.


Course structure

How it all works?

 The course is designed to take you on a journey of discovery into the fascinating world of being psychic. This compelling course is written in an easy to read and practical style and discloses everything you need to know about developing your psychic ability.

Designed in an audio format accompanied with a PDF from the mind-blowing and informative guide book ‘Flick Your Psychic Switch”.

It has been created for you to listen and read through the amazing chapters to uncover the mysteries of energy, telepathy and many paranormal secrets to be shared.

You will get the best possible learning and development experience through a conscious and subconscious mind advance with Flick Your Psychic Switch Interactive. This offers a step by step program that will accelerate learning into the power of being psychic and allow you to dive into a mystical culture and ancient spiritual wisdom that will shift your psychic development.

There is access 24/7 to what you what when you want and all just a click away.

The Modules 

Module 1 – Why Flick the Switch?

We begin the journey with unique blend of knowledge and show you how to develop and embrace the psychic you. It will lead you to a happier, richer life and you will feel more fulfilled by your choices. You will know that you can express your true self and the essence of pure magic within you.

Module 1 - Why Flick the Switch?

Module 2 – Energy the Power within You

Explore the energy of the universe with a foundation of understanding that the universe is a collection of energy patterns, that we are a part of those energetic patterns and how energy flows through us. Recognizing that we are natural energy receptors as we flow and move through the energy of the universe. Discover the energy of soul and how it links to the higher self and how that connection deepens your consciousness in many profound ways.


Module 3 -The Auras, Chakras and the Body

Review the complete energy system with clear understanding of the fundamental functions of the aura’s subtle bodies. Establish the energy exchange with chakras and synchronicity of energy with the body. Deepen your awareness to the vibration, colour and frequency of performance of this vital life force.

Module 3 - The Aura, Chakras and the Body

Module 4- The Power of the Mind

Our mind is a very powerful and amazing part of us, in this module you will distinguish the individual parts of the mind and how they play a major part in psychic development. By clarifying the mind blueprint you will obtain the knowledge to shift the unwanted thoughts they may be blocking your growth in abundance and freedom. We explore the altered states of mind and how they affect your psychic switch.

Module 4 - Power of the Mind

Module 5 – Psychic Archetypes

Discovering your psychic archetype as exploration of the amazing aptitude of the unconscious mind. By looking at your psychic personality type, from this awareness have a deeper understanding of who you are and how you facilitate your psychic abilities. You will relate to seven psychic archetypes and find out how to access your psychic archetype.

Module 5 - Psychic Archetypes

Module 6 – How to raise your Vibration

When you raise the vibration of your energy it gives you the spark to create a dynamic life. Develop the power of meditation in a profound way to compose your thoughts from fear into faith. Reach for the potential of how to integrate gratitude using skill manifestation as a superpower for all areas of your life.

Module 6 - How to Raise your Vibration

Module 7 – Universal Laws

This module brings you the spiritual laws that govern all facets of life and how you can become in synergy with the universe. Investigate the magic and mysticism of universal energy and exactly how these directly affect you. Through the understanding of the laws of attraction and accessing the Akashic records this will empower you to be in an alliance with psychic energy to expand the bigger picture for you.

Module 7 - Universal Laws

Module 8 – Working with Protection

The power of protection is a combination of ritual, good solid grounding and positive thinking that enables you to work successfully with your psychic abilities. You will have the insight of how you can create a shift of negative energy and place an invincible shield of protection around you. Apply the impressive techniques of grounding, working with divine white light and the many benefits it will bring you. Cleanse your energy, your space and your home through these effective spiritual practices. Find the balance with energy through the ancient tradition of smudging ceremony and all the tools to perform the magical shift of negative energy.

Module 8 - Working with Protection

Module 9 – Angels, Guides and Spiritual Guardians

Exploring the pure divinity of the angelic realm by working with angels can be a blessing as they will assist you in many ways. By bringing the light of their guidance and inspiration into your life they will give you peace and harmony. The angelic ear is listening and waiting for your call. We all have spiritual guardians and guides and they are here to help us to understand our current life lessons, help us to move forward onto the right direction of our chosen path. By learning to connect with your guides this will assist you and provide a powerful source of support in many ways.

Module 9 - Angels, guides and Spiritual Guardians

Module 10 – Tools of Trade

As a psychic you have many tool of divination to create the opportunity to align your psychic messages. This module will take you into the magic of what the tools are and how you can use them including Psychometry and Palmistry to Pendulums. Explore the mastery of Astrology and harness the guidance of Tarot and oracle cards to bring you a clear way of deciphering and delivering your messages.

Module 10 - Tools of Trade

Module 11 – Know your Inner Wisdom

Your inner wisdom is your guide to self and how you perceive and accept your intuitive sensory awareness and is brought about in a number of different ways. When you tap into your intuitive self, this natural ability for your psychic sensory awareness, it is essential to understand that when you are developing your psychic abilities, you know how you feel about what you are doing. Development of self-love and trust promotes confidence with how you embrace your abilities.

Module 11 - Know Your Inner Wisdom

Module 12 – Mechanics of being Psychic

When we work psychically we blend the energy of our mind, body and soul and engage with it. There are certain kinds of messages that come to us in an inward manner or to which we are particularly receptive. We define Psychic ‘Clair’ abilities and how they enhance your telepathic guidance. You will engage with the power of thought transference with this mind to mind contact beyond frequencies of the five senses. Awareness of how symbology is a guide through the power of visualization and leading to depth of clarity with messages received. We study these amazing and profound topics in the module.

Module 12 - Mechanics of being Psychic

Module 13 – How to do a Psychic Reading

When you are reading psychically there are foundations to ensure that heart, mind and your message is conveyed to empower and align you to facilitate the great work that you will do. We cover how to set up and create a space to perform at your best. Clarifying the legal stuff when stepping in the professional arena as well as how to ensure your energy not to be depleted, when reading often, will keep you empowered with psychic skills.

Module 13 - How to do a Psychic reading

Module 14 – Channelling

Channeling is a form of communication between two energies. One being the receiver of a conduit of information and energy and when being a clear channel you will compose your psychic energy in a very profound way of being. The wonderful profound messages will be surprising as we are all natural channels of energy. Linking to a specific frequency of information that comes from beings, such as light beings, discarnate souls, and beings from the angelic realm, ascended masters, spirit guides, elementals and even spirit animals, this information is translated into writing, drawing, art or the spoken word. Find out how in the module to be a quality channel and be able to relay information which assists yourself and others in a empowering experience.

Module 14 - Channelling

Module 15 – Mediumship

A medium will create a link to the spirit world; they are then able to share information or evidence about the spirit. It is a truly cherished experience to connect with the crossed over loved ones and greatly assists with the grief process by knowing and understanding the true existence of the afterlife. Offering pathways of direct links of communication with the spirit world for guided philosophy and inspirational mediumship. This coming together of mind and energy allows communication of messages. It reveals evidence of the afterlife in order to share the infinite intelligent teachings of spirit to all who wish to be enlightened.

Module 15 - Mediumship

Module 16 – Spiritual Glossary

The alphabetically arranged reference guide gives brief definitions covering subjects of paranormal, esoteric sciences, mysticism, supernatural, altered states of mind, psychic and spiritual subjects. This compilation over 90 subjects in the spiritual glossary will share explanations and descriptions of all you need to be the an amazing psychic.


Easy and rapid development techniques included in this transformational course:

  • How to Read Auras of Others.
  • How to Cleanse your Aura
  • How to Mediate
  • How to do Automatic Writing
  • How to do a Psychic Reading
  • How to use a Pendulum
  • How to Protect yourself with the divine white light.
  • How to perform a white sage smudging ceremony with prayer.
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Personal Empowerment

5 Engaging and profound Hypnotic Meditations

  • Psychic Protection Hypnotic Meditation
  • Connect to Spirit Guides Hypnotic Meditation
  • Clairvoyant – Psychic Sensory Awareness Series
  • Clairsentient – Psychic Sensory Awareness Series
  • Clairaudient – Psychic Sensory Awareness Series

Why a Hypnotic Meditation?

 Meditation is a wonderfully personal experience of self-discovery and hypnosis is the most rapid and effective way to achieve change.

By blending the magic of meditation with the power of self-hypnosis together you will accelerate your learning pathway and get faster results.

Deepening your experience into a hypnotic state with meditative process takes you into a dream state. It’s not however,a dream because you are fully conscious and aware of what is being said. The combination of positive suggestion and guided imagery will have you involved in the experience. Using the power of your mind with your creative imagination will help you find expansive new ways of developing and moving towards enhancing the performance with your psychic skills.

Kundalini meditation

ALL THIS for the amazing price of only $55.00! 

This is a one-off payment with unlimited lifetime access to all the valuable videos, audio files, and instructions to accelerate the realization of your psychic potential.

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