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We are all born with a deep sense of knowing and by developing your inner sensory self a whole new perspective comes alive and brings you a closer connection to the divine voice of your soul. Trusting your inner significant you, brings forward guidance, urges and insights. Suddenly you feel yourself gravitating to new expressions and ideas and you go places you would never have imagined with psychic development.

When you are tuned into your intuitive psychic senses, it brings clarity to your thinking. It takes you on an exploration of the amazing aptitude of the mind and how it can show you a power to action, with an impulse of thought that can change your world in so many ways. These thoughts are almost like a magnetic force that attracts similar or related thoughts so you become in harmony with your decisions. The mind is constantly drawing in the energies of your thoughts. Visualise where your desired dreams may take you and you will create a path of desired direction which allows the energy of the universe to know what you wish for…

By combining a modern scientific approach with ancient spiritual knowledge, we begin to uncover the basic principles of modern psychology and philosophy of the mind. We then add the magic of spiritual ritual and divinity of spirituality. Psychology is about your personal aspects – your mind, body, emotions and behaviours whereas spirituality is about transpersonal aspects of your being such as the soul and the true self.

The psychology part of you is about ‘growing up’. It is about creating a change in how we think about ourselves, the people around us and our reality, from a new perspective. We change by releasing, reprogramming and realigning certain aspects of ourselves.  We live in an emotionally toxic jungle and this can leave us being defensive about people and life. From this critical living we can adopt the habit of expressing disapproving comments or develop a judgemental manner. This can also be expressed as negative patterns of behaviour and limiting beliefs that hold you back through fear and inhibitions and you may be stuck in ideas that leave you repressed and unable to live a happy and fulfilling life.

Spiritual development means ‘waking up’ and raising your awareness of your consciousness. This is about widening our concept of who we really are and how we can achieve so much more by expanding our view beyond the constraint that we currently think is our reality. When bringing higher levels of awareness, understanding, compassion and knowledge into your being and applying them into your life, you allow the pure essence of your consciousness to come alive.

Every situation in life has two options every challenge has two doors from which to choose.  One is to be the victim of critical living, spiral out of control and have no change in thinking. Alternatively, you can look at the situation from an awakened perspective and become the creator, rise above challenges and gain insight into how it is possible to live a better life.

When you flick the switch you will be able to overcome self-doubt. If you let go of the limitations and replace them with faith, you will be able to let go of the old ways of thinking that do not serve you. By working with this concept you will start to change your thinking and thought vibration and you will become a powerful, passionate influence to yourself and others around you. This transformation will develop your inner intuition, initiate for self-healing and allow you to explore your true inner essence.

Integrating philosophies discussed in the book into your life will bring you a unique blend of knowledge and show you how to develop and embrace the psychic you. It will lead you to a happier, richer life and you will feel more fulfilled by your choices. You will know that you can express your true self and the essence of pure magic within you. It is important to remember to be open to the possibility of the experience if you want to be the driver of your destiny. I dare you to flick the switch!

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