“Learn from the past, set vivid, detailed goals for the future, and live in the only moment of time over which you have any control: now! ” – Denis Waitley

What is Mediumship?

Mediumship creates a connection between the material world and the spirit realm. There are different forms of mediumship – mental, trance and physical. It is a direct communication between one soul (our spirit) in the linear and another soul (the spirit communicator) in the eternal.  In other words it is spirit talking to spirit.

The spirit communicator is aware of the intent of the medium to connect as it is initiated on the open high vibration frequency of the medium. This works on the mental energy level and faculties of the medium.

Each medium has tools which they use to convey the message to the client or sitter. These are tools of the mind. They may  use the alphabet from which they obtain further information to expand upon. Or they may use symbology in which each picture has a suggested meaning attached to it, to deliver the message. They can also work with one of the senses such as clairvoyance (to clearly see), clairaudience (to hear), clairsentience (to sense), clairgustance (to taste), clairalience (to smell) and claircognizance (to know).

Further physical changes that occur in the medium’s body are an alteration in the electromagnetic vibration of the aura, enhanced changes of the energy centres in the body, known as chakras and the amplification of the pineal gland in the brain.

These changes create acute intuitive insights and perceptions. The medium is either highly attuned to receive messages from the spirit communicator or they plug into a frequency to access information. A cooperative association then occurs between the medium and spirit communicator on the plane of thought, emotion, purpose, motive and inspiration. The spirit communicator decides who passes on messages. We cannot just call them up and ask questions. It doesn’t work in that manner. It is a truly cherished experience to connect with crossed-over loved ones. This experience has greatly assisted my clients in dealing with grief and also knowing the true existence of the afterlife.


Why develop Psychic Ability?

Psychic abilty involves spiritual growth and developing the spiritual essence within you. Spiritual development means ‘waking up’ and raising your awareness of your consciousness. This is about widening our concept of who we really are and how we can achieve so much more by expanding our view beyond the constraint that we currently think is our reality. When bringing higher levels of awareness, understanding, compassion and knowledge into your being and applying them into your life, you allow the pure essence of your consciousness to come alive.

What is Psychic?

A psychic is simply an ordinary person with an extraordinary ability – the capacity to intuitively read the energy of the people, places and things in the world around them. When you are tuned into your intuitive psychic senses, it brings clarity with your mind, helps you to trust yourself and develop spiritual growth.

What is difference between soul and spirit?

The soul is the unique expression of  source energy incarnated into the physical body. Our soul is a small part of the whole and the whole is spirit and spirit is eternal. We have the eternal part of spirit with in as the soul. The action of the soul is to move toward spirit and be a part of spirit again through evolution of the soul.


Can a Psychic become a Medium?

Let me explain the difference between a psychic and a medium. A psychic reads the energy of a client and tunes into the energy field around the body known as the aura. A medium creates a link or connection to the spirit world and is then able to share information or evidence provided by the spirit. As a psychic you may increase your energy vibration to point where you can link to spirit.

Would you ever stop being a Trance Medium?

’I am what I am’. Having entwined my life and my vocation together over a period of years I have no desire to ever stop my love for people, life, freedom and my divine relationship with spirit.

What is trance and how does it work? What are the different trance states?

Every time you look at your mobile phone or laptop screen you have an intense focused attention and you are fully absorbed in the device. This is something you do every day, many times a day. Think of trance in a similar way where in a meditative state you are concentrating your attention and focus on something which gives you a greater level of awareness and absorption.

A more concentrated level of trance starts when you close your eyes because trance is simply an altered state of awareness- no more, no less. This altered state is natural and everyone does it. Most of us slip in and out of a state of trance all day long to varying degrees. This is a natural focused awareness.

Trance functions allow access to the gateway of the subconscious mind. We can achieve a trance state through hypnosis, shamanic practice, guided meditations and hallucinogenic drugs or by altering our consciousness through positive intent. Let me explain….

The Hypnotic Trance can be induced through self- hypnosis. This altered state with enhanced suggestibility can bring forward changes in the areas of relaxation, stress management, recalling lost memories and various forms of psychic ability. Alternatively, you can be guided by a professional hypnotist who will be able to induce deeper levels of hypnosis which can help with changing unwanted behaviour, explore past life regression or offer positive inspirational suggestions.

During a Mediumistic Trance the personality seems to be set aside to allow the spirit communicator in. The medium is usually unaware of behaviour or speech. Sometimes spontaneous phenomena occur in this state and paranormal phenomena may also come forward.

In a Shamanic Trance, the Shaman enters a trance and accesses the astral plane in order to gain knowledge through observation and communication with astral entities. They then return to ordinary awareness with full memory of the encounters.

Imagination is a mind- thought process which creates images and ideas usually regarding future events or concepts about which we desire a particular outcome.

Intuition is awareness on a soul level which appears suddenly and has a strong emotion connected to it. We have our five physical senses (hearing, touching, tasting, smelling and seeing). Then we have our sixth sense known as ESP or extra sensory perception. In our minds we can expand our feelings or inner radar past our energy field which is known as ‘sensing through’ our aura. When you ‘sense through’, the feeling you receive has an inner knowing. This is what is known as a ‘gut instinct’ or ‘hunch’. It can feel very clear if you are in a state of awareness and at other times it just seems to come from nowhere. We automatically tune into a conscious reaction or feeling. This can also be our aura blending our intuition with another person. Some say this is a metaphysical gift however psychic power and intuition are similar to each other and accessible to those who wish to explore them further.

Inspiration is different from intuition. It is more a sequence of ideas that can lead to a series of events. The purpose of inspiration is to help you shift your thinking towards ideas that promote action or have an influence on a person or situation.

What spirit guides do you work with?

Tracie Delysia’s main guide is Orpheus, Ethera is a messenger guide and Tsao is her chemist guide.

What does it feel like to experience Trance Control?

Two things happen …I divide my conscious awareness into two parts.

One part is the conscious mind, the logical ego self on the left brain. I contract this part of my conscious awareness. It’s like I energetically withdraw and this part of my mind rests while the spirit works. It feels good to do this as it is like going into a clear space and your mind becomes silent. For this trance state to happen, the conscious mind needs to rest to allow access to the subconscious mind.

Then there is the other part of my conscious awareness – the right brain.  For this experience to occur the opposite happens where there is an expansion of my energy. It is like pushing my conscious awareness openly outward to reach each corner of the room. To do this I must first ‘hold’ which is creating a stillness and space in my mind which is silent. This sets the scene for the merging of my conscious awareness with the spirit communicator which is a blending of energies of both parties. Transition then takes place within the level of trance state. It is where time freezes and you are in a trance state. You are held in a state of stillness that feels complete. These would be the best words to describe it.

Transition speed happens over time as you tune into and build a rapport with the spirit. Then there is a discernment of the message as the message is for the client, not for you and whatever is said is purely related to the client. After the sitting I come back and I feel energised and refreshed and my mind is clear.


How long does it take to develop a Trance Mediumship?

Trance mediumship is a vocation and if you desire to expand your abilities in this area you will need to be prepared to take it step by step. Think of it like this…..

“As a seed to be planted in the earth and with the right environment and nurturing, it will bloom magnificently.”

It takes time and commitment to build the relationship with spirit. There is a rhythm of energy required between you and spirit for these developments to evolve and consistency is the key. Under the experienced supervision of a tutor or a well- developed group, it is possible for you to explore and practice your talents in this area of mediumship.

During development there are a few ways of creating growth towards your mediumship within a positive framework. The right direction is very important in the early stages. Your journey will have its challenges along the way so this is why a good support system is very important during the expansion and progressive stages. There is an increase in the frequency of metacognition (thought processes) of the mind. The physical body needs to be able to adjust to the speed of the vibration required for the connection to be able to handle the energies brought forward. This can only be done over time. Then there is the relationship with your soul. If you are enraptured with the thought of trance mediumship then trust in that attraction, as there is a reason you were led to read this page.


What is Psychometry?

Whenever we handle an object we are laying down information about ourselves onto that object. This because our body gives out magnetic energy fields which can imprint onto an object, a little like burning data onto a disk. The reading of this energy imprint is called psychometry. Readings can be taken from items such as jewellery, car keys, clothing or anything else on which your energy can be imprinted.  This adept ability is very useful in police investigations in order to source additional information about the pending case.

When items are passed down through the family, the item will have information about each previous owner imprinted onto it, thus its history maybe not be relevant to the sitter or client. For this type of sensing ability to be clear, the item should only belong to or have been touched by the owner.

What is Automatic Writing?

This is when the writer alters their conscious awareness and goes into a light trance state to produce writing from an external spiritual source or the subconscious mind. The correct terminology for this esoteric practice is psychography.

The writer is unaware of what is being written at the time. During this experience, it is not unusual for the writing to be faster than ordinary hand writing and for it to be larger and more expansive. At times, automatic writers have produced mirrored script of backwards writing and the script has started at the bottom right and finished at the top left of the page. During this experience, automatic writers will explain this phenomenon as a powerful sensation in the hand.

What is Trance Mediumship?

Trance mediumship is one of the oldest forms of spirit communication. There are many degrees of trance communication, from a light overshadowing of the medium to a deep trance or full control by the spirit communicator. This is not to be confused with channelling which is a completely different form of trance control.

The difference is channelling is a reception of thought or divine guidance received by a person for the purpose of communicating with spirits, entities or higher self. It is plugging into a frequency and accessing information.

Trance control is allowing the spirit communicator to take control of the subconscious mind and body of the medium for the spirit communicator to speak through the medium. This is a mental experience using the mind.

The conscious mind is in a rested state and the spirit communicator controls the medium through the subconscious mind, therefore allowing control over the body. The connection occurs using a combination of blending the aura and the subconscious mind with the spirit communicator. The spirit communicator does not actually enter the physical body even though it may appear to be that way.

This trance state is shared by the medium and the spirit communicator whether the spirit communicator is a discarnate entity or a highly evolved light being.

The relationship is one of deep respect. Over time the attunement develops and becomes clearer for both parties involved and a rapport is created.  The medium has to speed up their vibration frequency and the spirit communicator has to slow theirs down in order for them to be able to connect and have a platform for communication.

During this state of trance, the medium has to create a mentally clear space within the mind. The physical changes that then occur in the medium include a slowing down of the heart rate, dramatically softened and reduced breathing and a body temperature drop. The binaural brain pulse drops to a point where there is a change in the conscious awareness. It would appear the medium’s conscious mind is somewhat suppressed or the personality of the ego steps aside. This then allows the spirit communicator to have permission to work with the medium’s body and mind. The spirit communicator has direct control in speaking and physical movement. The spirit communicator will mark parts of the aura for future access and will manipulate the fractionation to achieve a level of depth in the trance state. The spirit communicator assists in the induction of the level of trance state achieved by the medium.

The medium furthers their education of spiritual knowledge and practices their other areas of expertise, as this assists in the developing and expanding of information in the medium’s subconscious mind allowing the spirit communicator to gain access during trance control sessions.

Depending on the level of trance state achieved, there are different facial expressions, mannerisms and voice changes. The level of trance can develop to the point where the medium has no recollection of behaviour or words spoken during the session.

This is a very scientific and astonishing occurrence. It is a rare gift and takes much commitment and time from the medium to persist and perfect the connection between themselves and the spirit communicator.

Today we have modern scientific mediums of the twenty first century who continue to show evidence of life after death and spiritual enlightenment for many to share. This style of mediumship is about guided philosophy and inspirational messages.

This can be a miraculous experience to encounter and if you do, it will rejuvenate your relationship with the divine energy of spirit and the power of source.

What is Hypnotic Meditation?

Meditation is a wonderful personal experience of self-discovery and hypnosis is the most rapid and effective way to achieve change work on the same principle of a trance state of mind. Trance is just an altered state of awareness, no more, no less. It is simple, it’s natural to do and it starts when you close your eyes. When you are concentrating your attention on a particular focus it will give you a greater level of absorption. A hypnotic mediation is guided imaginary with enhanced creatively blended art of self-hypnosis with the magic of spiritual enlightenment.hypnotic mediation


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