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Telepathy is not just an alternative form of communication that only a few highly developed individuals can use; we all unknowingly use it on a daily basis to supplement our verbal communication. Whenever we explain something to somebody, our thoughts telepathically convey impressions which supplement our words. This helps other people to understand us better on an intellectual level or to empathize with us on an emotional level.

People naturally assume that we generate our own thoughts and emotions, but most of them don’t actually originate inside our subtle bodies – they are perceived telepathically. We live in a “sea” of other people’s ideas, thoughts and emotions, which psychologist Carl Jung referred to as the “collective unconsciousness”. Telepathy is the portion of the collective unconsciousness that we are able to consciously perceive. The range of ideas from the collective unconsciousness that we are capable of perceiving depends on the range of active molecular types in our subtle bodies.

Our subtle bodies sub-consciously attract thought-forms from the “collective unconsciousness” that match our current state of mind and level of consciousness (because they are the ones we will most likely be interested in) and present them to our conscious minds. But our conscious minds have no way of knowing whether “our” thoughts and emotions originated from within us or from outside. Mass thinking, mass psychosis, mob behavior, and public opinion are all telepathic phenomena that draw from the collective unconsciousness.

There are very few original new ideas  – most ideas are just borrowed from the collective unconsciousness. The recycled thought-forms are revitalized by the attention each person gives them, which prevents them from slowly disintegrating. All ideas originate from causal conscious, so unless an individual possesses causal consciousness (objective or subjective) they are incapable of coming up with completely new ideas. Mental consciousness can only receive ideas that have already been thought (and adapt them to its needs). When we have a problem to solve we “magnetically” attract the appropriate thought-form that will provide us with the solution. It is common to feel a sense of pride when we have a “bright idea”, but all we have actually done is attracted to a pre-existing idea.

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