The search for her own knowledge became the drive for Tracie as she developed into a seeker of the truth looking for answers. Through widespread education; reading numerous books covering spirituality, consciousness, and energy sciences, Tracie found herself so passionate about theories of how human consciousness worked; leading her to explore the mind-blowing world of altered states and metaphysics.

This developed into undertaking extensive formal studies and the continuation to research the fields of energy medicine, hypnosis, vibrational therapy, modern psychology, neuro-linguistic programming and meridian psychotherapy, mediumship, spiritual development, and counseling.

The creation of Flick Your Psychic Switch course is the result of 15 years of understanding and the accumulated knowledge through the connection of Tracie with her clients and was developed over time from hours of genuinely listening to people; learning that everyone had a unique story and being psychic is a natural ability we all have.

Tracie is also an accomplished solo artist and author of 12 meditation albums, mindfulness podcasts, and techniques. Her voice has listened too all over the world as she is engaging with her music and has found many creative ways to help others absorb themselves into meditation and techniques.

Vivid Life is located on the Sunshine Coast, Australia offering health and wellness consultations, education training programs, personal coaching, and hypnotherapy.

“Life is an experience that we can choose to live in many different ways. I have chosen to follow my heart and now trust that everything I experience is based on truth. I encourage you to do the same. I feel privileged to be able to share my knowledge with you as you embark upon this revitalizing and re-energizing journey of self-discovery into the psychic world”

Many Blessings,

Tracie Delysia x

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