• I feel very privileged, thank you for sending me this information! Our conversation has brought me a feeling of peace actually. My heart chakra is feeling the love! It feels so big at times like it is expanding outside of my body. Beautiful feeling. You have fine tuned a lot for me and I am forever grateful! All I want to do is meditate! I am so looking forward to discovering more! I am very grateful, thank you. Love and light back to you!

  • Tracie Delysia Wolter performed a spirit reading for me recently to help me connect with a love one who had recently  passed. Tracie Delysia Wolter’s compassion and genuine gift was evident in her ability to communicate clearly and accurately. She helped me in many ways only I can fully appreciate.

  • I was amazed with the story Tracie told me, it was like she was reading a book about my life. I could not believe how everything just fell into place shortly after meeting her. What she does is real and true. Thank you so much!

  • I have had lots of psychic readings over the years and it is rare to find someone so precise and kind hearted like Tracie. I am so happy with my readings and have been seeing Tracie for years now. I keep coming back because I trust her and her words.

  • I was not real sure which way to go, I knew I had the gift but it was not real clear and I felt like I had mixed messages a lot. I was a easy straight away when I meet Tracie.   Now I am working with my healings and a lot of the information Tracie gave me was very helpful. Thanks a lot for all you help.

  • Seeing how competent Tracie was a hypnotherapist, my suspicions took over and I just had to get a psychic clairvoyant reading! I was blown away by what Tracie could tell me about my family, life and events from the past. It was like we had been friends for a lifetime already. Tracie is a brilliant practitioner of both hypnotherapy and psychic mediumship and I cannot praise her enough for the help she has given me.


  • Tracie's reading was the best I've ever had! Her unique style conveys a depth of feeling and knowledge that can only come from her higher self.

  • Your channelled readings have proven to be uncannily accurate with precise information on my life and those around me. I have no hesitation in recommending you to others. Thank you.


The Metaphysical Medium

I have been asked many times how I came to be a metaphysical medium. My story is ordinary and yet extraordinary so let me share it with you. I know that by doing so, I will inspire you to believe that everything is possible.
Up until thirteen years ago I led a normal, everyday life. I had a regular job, was raising my family and was happy – or so I thought. This all came to an abrupt and unexpected end when my marriage fell apart and I entered the extreme depths of confusion concluding with a personal breakdown. When you fall into such a pit of despair, you can see nothing but overwhelming darkness around you. I felt as though all I had left was just my instinct to breathe…
This negative emotional state rapidly took a toll on my physical body and I was then diagnosed with cin3 cervical pre-cancer. I was understandably devastated and totally unsure about the life challenges that were ahead of me as a result of this potentially life threatening diagnosis. As part of the recommended treatment. I had to undergo a series of major surgeries. Complications arose during one of these surgeries and my body gave up its will to live and I died.

My soul then stepped outside of my physical being and what I experienced was far beyond my concept of reality. Everything was frozen in time this then became the greatest profound  joy of being.

It was the most amazing experience and I had the overwhelming sensation of being completely within myself, completely aligned and untroubled. The experience was one of energetic utopia and felt like pure love. It was incredible!
Miraculously, or so it seemed at the time, I returned to my body, with the realisation from my near death experience that I had been given a chance to recover and truly start living.
I immediately knew that something about me was different. As my health improved I felt as if I had more energy and as time went on, I began to notice some profound changes within myself. I discovered I had greatly enhanced intuition and an ability to tune into those around me. As a result of my heightened senses, I also began to become aware of the spirit world and realised that I could see and know when others did not.

Initially I questioned my abilities and looked for answers, turning to spiritual books and formal study and found everything I wanted to know.

The more I read, the thirstier I became for knowledge about theories of the mind and the subconscious and over many years I studied many mind-blowing topics such as consciousness, psychic science, hypnosis, vibrational therapy, psychology, neuro-linguistic programming, meridian psychotherapy and mediumship.
As a result I turned my darkness into light and I am now a trusted and experienced transformational coach and author who specialises in altered states and metaphysics. I understand and appreciate the skills I now have and know they are a powerful abilty. I recognise also that I have been given the responsibility of helping others through this ability and see myself as a spiritual alchemist, using words to create transformation with my voice.

It took me quite some time to accept fully the power my voice has to heal and transform. I recognize that once I appreciated and took ownership of this way of being. I experienced deeper profound changes of  full expression through the power of words.  I soon discovered that by combining my voice with the skillful use of auditory technologies (e.g. binaural beats)  I could magnify the transformative and awakening potential already inherent in my work. Since this realisation, I have honed my techniques and  continue to  improve them, creating the opportunity guide others ready to take the next step in their conscious evolution. This is my way of helping others explore how to change their life for the better.

I am dedicated to contributing positively to the world by sharing my simple message and unique skills with those who wish to be enlightened.

Looking back I recognise my breakdown, ill health and near-death experience as my ‘awakening’ or my ‘enlightenment’ – a series of life-altering experiences which caused me to embark on this wonderful journey of connection to the spirit world and service to others. I consider myself blessed to now know my purpose and to have been given the opportunity to act as a powerful agent of change. Life is an experience that we can choose to live in many different ways. I have chosen to follow my heart and now trust that everything I experience is based in truth. I encourage you to do the same as you learn to engage the universe with all your senses in its abundant flow and divine manifestation.

I feel privileged to be able to share my knowledge with you as you embark upon this revitalising and re-energising journey of self-discovery.

Many Blessings,

Tracie Delysia

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