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Vivid Life Empowerment is designed to navigate a spiritual growth path with the knowledge and tools to embrace conscious living. Developed to accelerate a shift to a uncluttered mind, release the negative thoughts and emotions, let self-identity subside and freeing you from fears, self-doubt, and old behavioral patterns.

Spiritual growth and progression is a multi-transitional state of being that can be challenged as part of everyday living. How you passage through the challenges can make the difference by having the tools and knowledge to traverse life in a calm and conscious way.

When you choose to live a conscious life, you will integrate wellbeing, mindfulness and spiritual way towards life with peaceful and composed way of being. To live consciously, we have a great awareness both within ourselves and outwardly towards people, palaces and experiences.

This conscious empowered way of being alters how you evaluate your decisions, activities and preferences. This will be stimulated and based on your core values and seeking the truth.

By evolving and balancing your extraordinary awareness to a solid awaken state for your mind, body, emotions and spiritual growth.

Vivid Life Empowerment is a personal development course that is tailored for your unique holistic journey. Tracie Delysia has combined spiritual classes with meditations, affirmations, videos, techniques and more to create a mindfulness course that is catered for your spiritual development and awakening.
Cherish your mind and body with this online development course by a Qualified and highly respected Spiritual Coach who also has an extensive catalogue of spiritual books and cd’s guiding you both online and off towards a enlightened, holistic spiritual life.

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