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Consciousness can be explored from this approach; you can look at it as a quality of awareness or attention with an objective view which is based on or influenced by personal feelings, tastes, or opinions as you view the meaningful experience. This objective view is based on personal unique experience and is prompted by instinct of our own internal states of how your sensory awareness reflects into your consciousness. These developed states of alertness have elements which are reflective expressive moments of focused attention of an individual’s awareness. Creating a conceptual review of the events going on around them with the perception of their sensory awareness filters of reality.

This ever-shifting stream of perception that can change dramatically from one moment to the next, as your experience of constantly altered and reviewed states through internal representation about you and how you understand knowledge and self-awareness.

Your consciousness experiences are constantly shifting and changing continuously in regards to new input information and is developed from changing and influenced behaviour within the environment.

The sensory awareness filters process of our inner mental and emotional engagement of each situation has much to do with our mind and body’s reaction. In other words, our body will entrain itself to our thoughts and emotions and how we experience consciousness.

Our inner world also sets expectations for our outer perceptions. The experience of consciousness is engaged through our thoughts, development of will, sensing perceptions with awareness filters, a variety of emotions, depth of memory and the creation of our imagination.

We respond to those different types of received emotions from the environment, this then effects our thoughts which alter how we experience them.

 Our thoughts originate from how we feel, as well as what we know and sense about our reality. From these thoughts the nervous system responds with the natural instinct of our emotions. These emotional responses are variable and are in a constant state of change within us.

Our past experiences can also have a powerful influence on our feelings and on our motives and decisions that constantly affect us as we reflect through our consciousness experience.

We are continually exploring and endeavouring to understand the very depths of our consciousness which is influenced with our thinking, reasoning and how we apply knowledge. 

Our reality is experienced through our mind and our physical body by sensations of weight, density, space and texture. This is how we explore and develop the sensory experience of our reality through consciousness. This sensory perception of awareness is experienced within our minds and felt within our body. When we expand our consciousness, we simultaneously expand our sense of self to embrace more and more of our reality.

By expanding the development of self-awareness of our consciousness through the understanding of how your engagement of conscious experience, you are able to make changes in interpretations of your life experience and enhance certain aspects of your life.

 It is with these interpretations or attached meanings that we define who and what we are and what we can have and do. Then we go about life collecting evidence to confirm and validate these interpretations.

Each event you experience doesn’t affect your life. It is the interpretation of the events that affect your experience and how you interpreted that experience then alters your life.

In other words, it’s not what happened in life that made the difference, it was what you decided about what happened that made all the difference. You became fixed about your experience and continued to remember those events with further interpretations that shaped our beliefs, which then you become compelled to act on them. We presuppose on what life should be or think it should be. Reflecting into our experience of an awareness and understanding of how we engage with life.

We are in a constant state of change, transforming and evolving.



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