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Flick Your Psychic Switch

Flick Your Psychic Switch Development Course

Flick Your Psychic Switch Course is designed fast track your development to take you on a journey of discovery into the fascinating world of being psychic.

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Spiritual Coaching

Metaphysical Blog

So you desire to expand your knowledge further about metaphysics to enable your growth and development on your spiritual path?



Hypnotic Meditations

By blending the enlightenment of meditation and the power of self-hypnosis together you will accelerate your learning pathway and get faster results.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

If you have questions about Metapsychics or Trance Mediumship, check out the FAQ section for information that may surprise you…

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    Cutting Cord Ritual
    When we connect with another person with the interaction of communication. We link on an energetic level, either positive or negative way. We activate an energetic cord with them. As we continue [...]
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  • The Law of Karma
    The Law of Karma
    What goes around comes around’ a describes the Spiritual¬† Law of Karma. By participating in an action you create a reaction as result the law of cause and effect. Every action has an [...]
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  • The Meridians
    The Meridians
    The Meridians alter the life force flows through the body. They are known as channels of energy and are mapped throughout the body as acupressure points. These mappings of the acupressure or [...]
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